Amazon Web Services

Turning an AWS roadshow into mind-altering assets

An eBook and video series for the masses, spreading the love of containers

Quick—say “modernization, transformation, applications” three times fast. It’s a mouthful, right? Imagine saying it a few months in a row, like our engineering friends at AWS. After doing their song and dance along the West Coast to rally IT pros around modernizing applications with containers, they were a little roadshow weary, and quite possibly tongue-tied. We helped them save their breath, and some airfare, by turning their spiel into an eBook and video series.

A chance to see them live!?

We dig it.

Irvine is a great place to crash

We came for the free cookies and stayed for nuanced discussion on containers provisioning. This wasn’t your typical kick-off. We had a front-row seat at an all-day AWS workshop to learn about modernizing with containers. Catching the presentation in person maximized everyone’s time and we gathered enough notes to draft an eBook.

Stickin it to the man-olith

Containers are efficient little packages that stack up to big digital transformations. Our job was to tell their story. Our eBook explained how legacy companies can use AWS services and containers to break the traditional monolithic application and streamline development.

Pass the eBook, friend

For containers-heads, nothing is as irresistible as an eBook. Our groovy designs and righteous copy surely enticed sign-ups as part of a modernization campaign from AWS.

Recording the gigs

And just in case you couldn’t hop on your microbus and see the roadshow for yourself, we recorded the AWS engineers giving their presentation and delivered a video miniseries that was just as good as seeing them live. Well, almost.