Building the story of buildings

By: Jonathan Shaw

Building the story of buildings

Buildings are responsible for around 39% of energy consumption in the U.S. That’s actually higher than the share of energy used by transportation (28%). Unfortunately, buildings are notoriously inefficient, and they consume far more energy than they need: almost one third of energy consumption in buildings is wasted.

That’s the bad news. The good news: a rapidly growing group of organizations are tackling this problem through innovative solutions. One example is Seattle-based Optimum Energy (OE), which provides HVAC energy optimization software for buildings and campuses. The OE team recently launched a new product, and we jumped at the opportunity to create a video (see below) to help them tell their story .

There are several other firms in the Puget Sound committed to improving efficiency in the built environment, including Calico Energy, EnergySavvy, Paladino and Company, and (new kid of the block) Optio3. Local non-profit organizations including the Seattle 2030 District and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council are recognized nationally for thought leadership in energy reduction strategies.

There’s certainly plenty happening outside of Seattle as well. Ecorithm, based in Santa Barbara, delivers analysis and insights for building systems. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the Ecorithm team as we’ve partnered with them to develop a set of marketing and sales tools.

As our expertise continues to grow in this space, we’re formally launching our Smart and Efficient Buildings practice. If you’re working on improving building efficiency – whether that’s through an IoT platform, data and analytics, or structural upgrades – we’d love to help you tell your story. Drop me a note and let’s chat.