A motivational meme in the making, coined by 2A’s Shawn Murphy

By: Kelly Schermer

A motivational meme in the making, coined by 2A’s Shawn Murphy

Be of maximum service to the people around you, approach everything openly, and try to learn all that you can from each experience and challenge.” Shawn Murphy’s personal tagline has helped him get to where he is today—location- and vocation-wise. While the phrase may seem more like a curriculum than a jaunty description, Shawn every bit measures up to it.

Be of maximum service to the people around you

In his current position as an embedded consultant, Shawn wears a lot of hats to support his team at Microsoft. He administers the budget and performs ongoing updates and maintenance to the on-ramp content for OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, and Teams. He’s also responsible for driving attendance to the SharePoint conference by overseeing demand generation through multiple channels. Shawn’s commitment to service and his willingness to pitch in and help out makes him a valued team member. 

Approach everything openly

Shawn’s willingness to try new things has helped shape a lot of his big decisions and it’s paid off in spades. During college, his diverse interests motivated him to earn degrees in both English and business. After graduating from the University of Detroit-Mercy near his hometown in Michigan, he came to Seattle to explore and hasn’t left. Shawn found a niche for himself in marketing technology, where his dual degrees make him a hot commodity. From startup to corporate, Detroit to Seattle, English to business, Shawn’s willingness to approach opportunities openly has yielded rich and varied experiences. 

Try to learn all that you can from each experience and challenge

Back in the 90s, Shawn worked as the marketing manager for a forward-thinking app store (well before the proliferation of mobile devices) where he built and managed a team of 15 employees. In that role, he oversaw every aspect of product development and marketing. While the app store was too early for its time, none of the experience was lost on Shawn—it was a major stepping stone that helped round out his career in tech marketing. From there he went to Microsoft, working as a vendor and full-time employee. From the dotcom fizzle to the Microsoft flourish, Shawn believes every role provides an opportunity for him to learn. Today, he draws from those experiences to help clients at 2A.

Everyone at 2A shares a personal tagline when they first start working. From “Bazinga!” to “Treat others as you would treat yourself,” we’ve heard some beauts, but Shawn’s was the first one we’ve ever Googled. Turns out, it’s a Shawn original. Impressed? So are we. Next time you need an all-around all star for your project, give us a call. We’ve got the best by way of Detroit!