Photo: Topps, Disney via The Trading Card Database

Luke or Han? Making the customer the hero of your story

July 31, 2019 by

Who would you rather be—Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? This question, posed on playgrounds by wannabe Jedi since 1977, can help shed light on storytelling for business.

If you chose Luke, it means you see yourself as the central figure in your narrative. You’re the hero, the chosen one. The story is ultimately about you, your untapped potential, and your triumphs.

If you chose Han, you’re more interested in testing the boundaries and coming up with clever ways to get out of various jams. You also like the idea of flying around in a cool spaceship with a best friend who looks like a wig.

It’s easy for companies to think of themselves as Luke Skywalkers when, in fact, they’re Han Solos. Because here’s the rub—the heroes in a company’s story are never the founders or the team that designed that mind-blowing app. The heroes are the customers.

We all see ourselves as the central figures in our own narratives, and we all occasionally find ourselves in need of someone who can make the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs. By which I mean, someone who can help us overcome a challenge with bold innovation and bravery. That’s where you come in. Get ready to push your ship into hyperdrive. 

When the customer becomes the hero of your company’s story, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re the one. You get to fly around in your awesome ship, empowering your customers to fulfill their destinies, and making all the best wisecracks.

Of course, we at 2A know that the Luke or Han question is a trick one. The correct answer is Princess Leia, bravest of them all.