Meet Mel—operations expert, even at 22K feet

January 23, 2019 by

When you summit a 20,000-foot peak, you rely on your rope team to get to the top. If you’re traversing steep glaciers and icy slopes, it helps to know your group is linked together, and someone is there to pull you back up if you fall. With a lifetime of experience in outdoor education, our operations manager Mel Hodgman knows the value of a dependable rope team. And now that she’s at 2A, she’s making sure we all benefit from that same safety net so we can summit together.

The glue that keeps our team together

Before she came to 2A, Mel flexed her logistics muscles by coordinating mountaineering expeditions for guided groups around the world. She was the point person for each trip, making sure the crew had exactly what they needed to summit. Now she’s doing the same for our 2A office. She’s the glue that holds us all together. Whether we’re meeting on Mondays to plan our week, or onboarding new hires, Mel anticipates needs before they arise. Her instinct to snag inefficiencies before they cause trouble makes her a huge asset to our team.

The educator who leads by example

In between living in Joshua Tree National Park and summiting Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of Asia, Mel somehow made time to get her master’s in education. 2A isn’t exactly a classroom, but that hasn’t stopped Mel from teaching us a thing or two. Her human resources training has led to a more inclusive office where we all pitch in to recognize the culture contributions of our colleagues and appreciate a diverse and growing pool of perspectives.

The fearless problem solver

Making the transition from outdoor education to marketing seemed like a big leap at first, but Mel was game. Maybe it was all that mountaineering, but Mel was keen on trudging into unknown territory. She was excited to join 2A and help refine our foundational systems to maximize efficiency. She’s a natural born problem solver and digs in to find answers to new questions. She’s eternally searching for new ways to improve processes and do the job better, faster, and beneficial for all.


Put simply, Mel makes our adventures at 2A possible.