11 gifts the 2A team is giving—and hoping to receive—this year

December 14, 2018 by

Straight from their keyboards, here’s 2A’s definitive and ardent guide to gifts for 2018. Wondering what to give your graduate student babysitter who shops local? Your gluten-free sister-in-law who doesn’t read?  Your book club friend who brings a gift every time you host? The best gift of all is quality time, but just in case, here’s a list of second bests.

Fruit Punch belts

Belts used to be a boring dad gift (sorry dads), until they were powder coated.


Dinner at Salty’s on Alki

Call us old fashioned but there’s something sublime about a hipster-free meal with a view.


LePen fine line markers

Feel like a 6th grader without all the insecurity with these smear-free pens.


littleBits Synth Kit

Make sweet beats like a pro.


Donation to a great organization

Science tells us giving makes us happier—share the love with a friend by giving the gift of giving to Casa Latina, or Page Ahead, or Summer Search, or…you get the idea. And don’t forget your employer match! We can hear the love multiplying now.


Bombas socks

Feet carry a big load, especially after holiday buffets—reward them.


On the Boards tickets

Performance that values artistic risks? Sign us up.


Animal Sleep Stories prints

Wall-ready and animal-laden, these silkscreens are sure to delight lovers of the handmade.


Pure La Croix planter from Hello Happy Plants

Refreshing and calorie-free like its muse.


Yeti Rambler Colster

It’s a koozie all grown up.


Solo staycation

Sorry, we thought you asked what you should give a parent of young children. A night alone in a hotel in their hometown, OBV.