Thad’s not your typical flip-book kid

October 15, 2018 by

The office at 2A is full of big personalities, but if I’m being honest, it’s the design pod that really brings it—each in their own way. I think of Thad as Thad Allen, partner in design, which I recommend singing to the tune of Transformers, robots in disguise because that is exactly what I mean. Thad has earned mutant robot status in my mind through his ability to transform copy and ideas into powerful stories in record time. Some might even say he’s got the touch.  While he did technically get a degree in this stuff (a BA in Interactive Media Design), his passion for finding ways to improve on things seems to be enmeshed in his DNA and the way he approaches the world. 

A PowerPoint prodigy turned professional

About the age most kids make their first flip book, Thad was playing around in PowerPoint, building cartoons for his own entertainment. Today his self-taught and school-perfected capabilities result in elegant, cohesive decks that delight our clients. Not to mention, every month, he brushes off his childhood hobby to build quirky animations for 2A Circle Time, when we share the projects we’ve been working on and the lessons we’ve learned with our team.

A maker who remixes and repairs

In his off-the-clock hours, Thad finds enjoyment as a maker (more in the tinker-DIY way and less in the homemade-honey-and-bread way). He gets jazzed building with existing things. He describes it as remixing or repairing which is an important distinction from building new in that it translates to how he views his work. Thad thrives on collaboration and input. For him, it’s not about building his own creation but partnering with others to bring their ideas and expectations to life. Some of his favorite projects have been those that challenge him to fuse together different elements—from audio and video, to coding, to graphic design—to create something more.

A conundrum unfazed by tension

Along with this mastery across media comes an eye for quirky combinations and an ability to quell the tension inherent in them—just by being him. Case in point, Thad wore a 2-piece, poinsettia-red suit to 2A’s understated holiday party last year and totally rocked it. His capacity to hold divergent ideas simultaneously fuels his work. Take the idea of a car being an alien in disguise. Does Thad believe it’s true? Probably not. But, it’s not his way to deny it, and in that tolerance lies so much opportunity for creating.


Find yourself in need of transforming what you have into something more? Give us call and we’ll see what Thad Allen, partner in design, can do for you!