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Jerri knows both sides of the technology coin

October 2, 2018 by

Armed with an MBA and a computer science degree, Jerri has a knack for seeing the potential of technology to change lives, and the knowhow to make it happen. At two of Seattle’s major, international corporations—Starbucks and Microsoft—she used her background in software engineering and program management to guide development teams and nail business objectives. Jerri is a tour de force taking Seattle by storm, driven by the opportunity to uncover answers and master new skills.

Shaping product development

Straddling tech and business presents a lot of career prospects for Jerri. She found her niche at the nexus of the two—product development. As a product manager at Starbucks she worked across engineering and business teams to evolve the company’s rewards program, then deploy it throughout the Americas and support its launch in Asia. At 2A she took on a program management role within the Partner Apps Experiences (PAX) team at Microsoft, focusing on education and helping K-12 solution providers bring their products to the Microsoft Store for Education.

Managing at a global level

Not only is she fluent in tech and business, Jerri also speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and uses her skills to push the international boundaries of her career. Before joining 2A she worked on the Windows Phone team, strengthening connections in China by building strategic partnerships with in-country game developers, payment providers, and telecom giants. In that role, Jerri mastered the intricacies of cross-border collaboration to launch successful technologies.

Conquering with enthusiasm

Whether she’s launching a loyalty program in India or attracting ISVs to a new platform, Jerri gets the job done with unwavering enthusiasm. It’s how she approaches most things in life—like her international quest for the best cultural dish or her latest outdoor adventure: stand up paddle boarding on Lake Washington.


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