Take your product launch to harrowing heights with Veronique!

August 31, 2018 by

A gust of wind rocketed her parachute forward, blurring her drop zone into the patchwork of Northern California fields. She evaluated her options—a vineyard spiked with wooden stakes or a bustling airfield. Airfield it was. Now to hit the ground at a sprint and dodge large aircraft. Her mother was not going to like this.

Just then, a shift in the wind brought a hangar roof into range.  Veronique negotiated the distance, pulled her cord, and crumpled onto the metal sheeting. Before she could take stock of the damage, a gale grabbed her chute and hurled her 30 feet down to the blacktop. She died on impact.

A day later, she awoke in a hospital bed.

Fast forward 19 years. Today, Veronique Serruya runs equally harrowing (albeit non-life threatening) product launches for 2A clients. While she may have retired her skydiving license, her passion for adventure, her grace under pressure, and her pragmatic tenacity keep her soaring.

Not your typical adrenaline junkie

James Patterson could easily crank out dozens of best sellers based on Veronique’s life story. Her character’s adrenaline-seeking antics would woo readers, but in real life it’s her ability to forge friendships in moments of extreme adversity that builds fans. Since flatlining and coming back to life, Veronique has led a dogsled team across parts of northern Quebec, hiked the Annapurna trail through the Himalayas in Nepal, and kayaked alongside penguins in Antarctica. In her free time, she works as a project manager for 2A, specializing in high-stakes product launches. Whether it’s across a barren tundra of ice, or a boardroom table, Veronique thrives on seeking out new experiences and building connections.

On a quest to complete 1,001 things

Running product launches requires the ability to plan and follow incredibly detailed schedules, the resilience to adapt on the fly, and an endless reserve of patience, optimism, and energy. One might (reasonably) think this line of work would be exhausting. Not for Veronique! When she punches out of work, she goes home to systematically dismantle her guiding manifesto, 1,001 Places to See Before You Die. While she’s already traveled to over 30 countries, with China and India planned for this year, she has thoroughly researched and mapped out dozens more in her personal OneNote travel notebook.

In pursuit of the real story

The linchpin that makes Veronique pure 2A gold is her storyteller heart. Through all her travels and her projects, she seeks to understand and reflect the world around her. Rather than trying to force her personal agenda, Veronique’s success stems from her ability to find the truth of a situation and cultivate that story.

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