6 questions, 5 dollars, 1 book and the chance to change a life

August 21, 2018 by

For those of us who grew up with books sprinkled around our schools, homes, and beds, it’s hard to explain how our access to stories and our comfort with reading has shaped us.

Books can be our friends, our favorite destinations, even our escape. We use them to teach ourselves how the world around us works and to learn how storytelling can help us envision a future that’s all our own

And yet, tens of thousands of children in Washington state live in low-income, low-literacy communities without books to sweep them up in a current of learning.

Power up learning with books

At 2A, we believe deeply in the power of storytelling. That’s why, as kids head back to school, 2A will donate money for one new book to Page Ahead on behalf of each person who shares their favorite childhood story.

Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program works with schools, centers, and agencies across the state to help get new books into the hands and homes of children who need them. They help at-risk children see themselves as readers and start down a lifelong path of learning. 

Give a book and get a story

As part of our Give a Book campaign, we’re asking participants to take a trip of their own down memory lane.

When you share your favorite children’s book with us, not only will we donate a book to a kid who needs one, but we’ll also use the survey data to tell fun stories about how our favorite reads have shaped our communities.

Want to get involved? Share your favorite story with us!