The future of your project begins with Drue

August 15, 2018 by

The long stretch between summer blockbuster releases and Halloween costumes can have a comic book fan jonesing for a good superhero story.  Thankfully, at 2A, you don’t have to look any further than our own Drue Stewart. Unlike her fictitious foils, who rely on radioactive spiders and extraterrestrial rock for their superpowers, Drue’s fueled by her own optimistic, can-do attitude, her tireless perseverance, and her dedication to building up those around her. If Marvel ever meets her, they’ll probably make a problem-solving action figure that protects with a big-laugh forcefield and shirks olives like Kryptonite.

Drue is a present-tense action verb

Drue works as the Practice Lead for 2A’s team of Project Managers meaning she coordinates, fills, and oversees every PM position. She started with 2A as a project manager back in 2015, proving her mettle in steep ramp-up situations. Her passion for learning from experiences (both good and bad), as well as her ability to adapt to rapid-fire changes make her a natural at 2A.

Drue’s past experiences help her operate

Like all superheroes, Drue’s origin story stems from remarkable feats achieved in civilian clothing. Starting at age 15, as a receptionist for a small software company, Drue acquired a deep appreciation for service, efficiency, and people which established the foundation for her operations expertise today. Along the way, she honed her natural talents through experiences in home loan underwriting and end-to-end operations management for a semi-truck trailer skirt manufacturing company (yeah, that’s right, trucks can wear skirts too). Across all of that, Drue has sprinkled in accounting, business, English literature and nursing classes.

Drue wields a golden lasso of problem solving

Drue’s wealth of education and experiences across industries and organizations has given her a unique perspective on problem solving that shines in her role at 2A. She moves gracefully from 30,000 feet to the trenches, from outside the situation to in, until she lassos the heart of the issue and tames it.

From our view at 2A, there’s no limit to what Drue can accomplish. Need help getting your project off the ground? Ask Drue how a 2A project manager can take you up, up, and away!