We’ll freshen your brand like a tropical breeze

July 25, 2018 by

I’m an Oregonian—lover of blustery days and practical rain gear. In the spring, the first sunshine brings a vitamin D rush, and summer the annual cringe when SPF 100 wasn’t enough. 

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. There aren’t many places in the world where you’re a few hours from skiing, sailing, and hiking. The only thing we’re missing (okay, not only) is a tropical breeze. Washington has miles of windy beaches, but they’re not exactly beckoning for lounge chairs and drinks with tiny umbrellas.

But now, when I step into our office, I have a little oasis all year round thanks to Carey Wendel of Bleedfoot Florals. A horticulturist with a fine arts background, she went creative and strategic when curating our selection of office plants.

Our new plant crew made their debut during our annual summer party this week. In case you missed it, let’s meet a few.

With bright skylights and 22-foot ceilings, our new space deserved more than ferns punished to corners and succulents struggling against florescent lights. We went bold. Walk up our stairs and expect a smile from two classically island Kentia Palms. Open the doors and the Giant Bird of Paradise will offer a firm handshake. Fun fact, this plant can grow over 12 feet tall. Why have 22-foot ceilings if you’re just going to waste them?

Now join us for a team meeting. Our best collaboration is cultivated over the humble Hoya Obovata, a traditional hanging plant with creeping vines and dark green leaves. On our communal table, this little plant has plenty of room to grow and explore—and by using it in an unexpected way, we’re inspired to break from tradition too.

Finally, the newcomer. Our Philodendron Monstera joined us right in time for our summer office party, and the lace-patterned leaves have left us craving swiss cheese ever since. This beauty will require a little more fertilizer, pruning, teamwork and strategy to thrive—just like our best stories. 

We take our plants and our marketing seriously. Let us freshen your brand like a tropical breeze.