Gracias totales

November 22, 2017 by

Entering the final months of the year always makes us look back at what we have accomplished as a company. Various KPIs can measure our achievements, but they don’t illustrate the less quantifiable reasons for our success. With Thanksgiving approaching, 2A wanted to give a collective thanks to our families, colleagues and clients for being a pivotal part of our growth this year.   

We are thankful for our families and their love and support. Throughout 2017, our families visited our office and attended company events—parents, significant others, children and siblings brought their enthusiasm and goodness to our team. Case in point, over the summer we welcomed family members at our surprise baby shower for 2A partner Abby Breckenridge. Our families’ unconditional support usually takes place behind the scenes, but these glimpses remind us that they also help us thrive professionally.

We are thankful for our colleagues and their focus on teamwork. We are lucky that 2A is home to a wonderful group of creative strategists who know how to work hard, but also have fun. A perfect example is how everyone rallied for our AW Shucks Party, creating a custom, party-themed animation, homemade spicy pickled carrots, elegant invitations and hilarious wayfinding signage, even during a very busy season. Thank you to the entire 2A team for always bringing your A-game.

We are thankful for our clients and their continued trust in the 2A team. 2017 has been a year flush with new clients, in part because existing clients spread the good word about 2A. So thank you! We know our deliverables and services are our best sales tools and look forward to creating more great work together.

We have so much to be thankful for this year, in large part because of our families, colleagues and clients. Here’s to their continued support, teamwork and trust to propel 2A into 2018.