Tequeños unwrapped: how we built the Bululú brand

September 13, 2017 by

It’s hard to turn down a tequeño. The combination of gooey queso blanco inside, and fried pastry dough outside, make these Venezuelan snacks pretty irresistible. But their unforgettable flavor is just the beginning. In crafting the brand for a local tequeños company, we learned the full story behind this crispy finger food—one steeped in patriotism, parties and culinary prowess.

Cristina Clemente asked 2A to help tell the story of her tequeños company—Bululú—from the ground up. Marketing a company that makes food is quite different than our typical B2B projects for mostly tech industry clients. But at 2A, we know the value of expanding our reach and building new areas of expertise. Plus, this was our chance to think tropical, and use words like fried, deliciousness, and party people.

Our task was to create a brand for Bululú that was as mouthwatering as its tequeños, and paid homage to their heritage. 2A worked with Cristina to create a company name, tagline, logo, and a soon-to-launch website. This new identity will help Bululú expand its customer base (which now includes Azteca in Bellevue!) and boost awareness about its product.

Tequeños aren’t your average snack—at least not in the US. So we wanted to create a brand that not only introduced consumers to tequeños, but also conveyed their full story, beyond their deliciousness. We homed in on three aspects as tequeños’ strongest selling points.

They’re a homegrown Venezuelan tradition

  • In crafting a name for the company, we landed on a word that’s distinctly Venezuelan. Keeping the word in Spanish signals to customers the South American origin of tequeños.
  • For the company logo we chose a tropical shade of red that’s vibrant, fun, and reminiscent of the Cora Cora bird that roams Venezuelan beaches.

They have a knack for bringing people together

  • In Venezuela, people tend to congregate around a plate full of flaky tequeños at gatherings of any kind. We wanted to bring this fun, party association of tequeños front and center. What better way to do that than with the word: Bululú. It not only rolls off the tongue, but it’s also slang in Venezuelan for a loud, raucous crowd of people. It’s the place where you’d encounter some tequeños.
  • We brought this party element into the visual design of Bululú and created some tequeño illustrations that cascade like confetti.

They’re fried, in the best way possible

  • When did frying things become so taboo? We wanted to own the fried part of tequeños and not shy away from what makes them so delicious. We elevated the word fried, including it in the tagline: proud-fried party bites.
  • We used the word Bululú as the basis for the new logo, and used a font that emulates the wrapped, fried crust of a tequeño.

The Bululú website will launch later this year, so stay tuned for the full reveal!