Eating oysters and recruiting pearls

December 7, 2016 by

One of my favorite things about 2A is its sense of place. We like serving local clients, have a lot of love for our neighborhood, and enjoy eating local food. We also really like hiring local talent – so much so that more than half our team are alumni of the University of Washington.

The vast majority of our UW alumni are graduates of the MBA program at the Foster School of Business, so it should come as no surprise that Foster is our favorite place to recruit.

Last week we headed over to campus to host an evening recruitment event for MBA candidates. As a growing firm, we’re looking for new talent to help our clients tell their story. To illustrate our love for local, we brought along Rachel’s Ginger Beer, sparkling wine from Bar Ferdinand, and our favorite raw oysters from Taylor Shellfish.

As the oysters were shucked, we split open 2A and shared what we do, how we work, and who we serve. As a marketing firm, our work relies on information analysis, effective communication, and steady project management. We’re recruiting MBAs for consultant roles because they spend two intensive years building these skills. They’ve learned how to solve marketing problems collaboratively and come to us client-ready.

Jonathan at Meet the Firm

Our evening ended with an offer to Foster MBA students which still stands: If you’re a Foster MBA candidate and are interested in working at 2A, we’ll take you out to coffee one-on-one at one of our favorite spots on Capitol Hill. This is our way to connect with potential recruits without all the awkwardness that can come with crowded networking events. All you need to do is tell us about your favorite Seattle brand in 50 words or less. Email us at and we’ll schedule time with you.

We think our clients keep coming back because we do things a little differently. This shows up not only in the work we deliver, but also in how we find local talent.