Secret to brewing success

August 17, 2016 by

Every home brewer has a dream. It usually involves them transcending their garage and opening a full-scale brewery. That’s a huge leap, from almost every angle—financing, production volume, distribution, and perhaps most importantly, traction amongst a Seattle beer scene replete with already successful craft brewers. Enter Holy Mountain. Started by three beer geeks with serious brewing chops, they conceptualized their business over the course of several years, found a space and made it happen.

2A learned about Holy Mountain last year when we were looking for a cool local gift to give to clients and staff. We wanted something memorable, and since Holy Mountain was the hottest brewery ticket in town, we decided we’d give 2A growlers with a free fill at the brewery. We love their unique story and style.

First opened in 2014, Holy Mountain focuses on barrel-aged beers, saisons and sours. Everything is seasonal, so you’ll never have the same tasting experience twice. Many of the beers are aged so they are released when Holy Mountain feels they are ready. They update their taplist regularly so you can check out what they are currently serving.

Holy Mountain has developed quite a cult following, often selling out of new release beers despite the fact they limit purchases per person to prevent hoarding. Holy Mountain didn’t achieve this success through traditional marketing channels. Their fans get updates through social media, for bottle releases and other upcoming events. It works because they make an outstanding product, which has people lining up and coming back for more.

Holy Mountain is aligned with an important element we bring to our work at 2A. Excellence is the expectation, and that’s what keeps customers happy and coming back for more. Although we are selling vastly different products (people vs. beer), it’s great to support another local business who shares the mentality that only the best is good enough for our customers.

Kudos to Holy Mountain for daring to be different in a Seattle beer scene bloated with IPAs. If you embrace a unique brew, an interesting view and a relaxed atmosphere, check out Holy Mountain. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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