Make it look like something

May 5, 2016 by

Previously, we looked at a few ways to make your presentations not suck. How do you make sure a presentation truly stands out? The design approach can make or break a presentation. In our experience, the following seven design tips are invaluable.

  1. Make it look like something – Create a unified visual experience
    A bit of intentionality can go a long way in helping your presentation stand out.
  2. Keep it clean and simple Show main points, not fine details
    Limit content to the big ideas and embrace empty space.
  3. Limit color choices – Use contrast for emphasis
    Use a reduced palette for graphics, text and backgrounds. Consistency and simplicity in your color palette will help your audience easily navigate the presentation.
  4. Limit fonts Ensure fonts are complementary and related
    Choose one font family for your presentation and create hierarchy by using different weights and sizes.
  5. Support with imagery – Use images, not lists
    You’ve heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. Where possible, try and buck the bullet list impulse and use more slides with key points. A well-chosen image with minimal text will make your story more impactful.
  6. Think depth and flow – Use varying styles to reinforce pace and structure
    Adjust the slide design to fit the content: title slides, diagrams, and deep dives. Using color to mark sections is a great way to reinforce your presentation’s structure.
  7. Review with fresh eyes – Go over the entire show before presenting
    Use the slide sorter to get a feel for the flow of your presentation. Is it clear when there is a transition to a new section? Do the slides deliver a consistent experience?

As it turns out, looks do matter in the world of presentations. Make an investment in developing a well-designed presentation, and watch it pay off.