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The team here at 2A is creative, savvy and entrepreneurial. We love what we do. And we’re always trying to figure out ways to do it even better. We’re part design firm, part consulting practice and entirely committed to helping your business tell its story.

We are a state-certified minority-owned business and our close-knit team is actively engaged in the greater Puget Sound community.

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Renato Agrella Partner
Daniel Schmeichler Creative Director, Partner
Angela Stanton Director of Consulting
Evan Aeschlimann Senior Designer
Shveta Ahuja Consultant
Thad Allen Designer
Nicole Benjamin Junior Consultant
Brett Borders Copywriter
Jerri Chiu Consultant
Jesi Chrisman Consultant
Hayley Cohen Consultant
Nick Dwyer Senior Consultant
Sergii Gevko Developer
Pawel Goc Developer
Drue Hollifield Consultant
Mary Lee Consultant
John Lema Consultant
Kyle Luikart Consultant
Katy Nally Consultant
Radhika Patel Designer
Sebastian Perez Developer
Brian Pettingill Developer
Michelle Rowley Consultant
Kelly Schermer Senior Storyteller
Don Selkirk Developer
Veronique Serruya Consultant
Laura Templeton Consultant
Katherine Thichava Consultant
Sarah Tompkins Consultant
Amy Wagner Consultant
Jack Wall Designer
Annie Wegrich Consultant
Aaron Wendel Motion Designer

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