About 2A

The team here at 2A is creative, scrappy and entrepreneurial. We love what we do. And we’re always trying to figure out ways to do it even better. We’re part design firm, part consulting practice and entirely committed to helping your business tell its story.

Whether that means telling your story from the ground up or giving legs to your existing strategy, our vision and collaborative spirit are what set us apart from the rest. So let’s do this. Give us a call and let’s tackle your next project together.

We are a state-certified minority-owned business and our close-knit team is actively engaged in the greater Puget Sound community.

Our consultants are:

Information organizers. Got a sea of data? We’ll dive in to prioritize and visually rearrange it so you (and, most importantly, your customers) can see what’s important. Clearly.

Scrappy. We’re determined, energetic and dogmatic about helping you and your company achieve your goals.

Entrepreneurial. Our team is full of pragmatic workers who think outside the proverbial box. Together, we create new services and capabilities for our clients.

Business experts. We work hard to become experts in new, uncharted areas, specific to your needs. We add value by doing things you likely haven’t thought of. After all, that’s our job.

Strong project managers. In the heat of a project, things can get crazy. Fortunately, we thrive on managing the chaos and driving tasks forward to efficiently meet goals.

Analytical thinkers. We’re big visualizers. And we use these skills to articulate and solve both complex and simple problems. We excel at analyzing, designing and testing solutions.

Effective communicators. We get at the emotion behind the information by reading the room. This gives us the ability to deliver a message (even a negative one) without creating conflict or destroying trust.