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Meet karaoke Don, our director of web development who makes websites sing!

September 19, 2018 by

Director of web development, Don Selkirk, cranks out complex websites line by line while listening to the crispy lisp of vinyl, so when he says he’ll walk 1,000 miles to fall down at your door, you can bet he’s deep into the coding zone and bringing it home.

One part web genius, one part problem-solver extraordinaire, and a blazing spark of goofball, no one can diffuse stressful situations and clear roadblocks quite like Don. Over the course of his career, Don has walked 500 miles in a number of roles and figured out how to bring the best along with him. Today, his experiences provide him with a unique perspective across the web development process that he uses to architect brilliant solutions for clients.

A developer developing trust

While he’s built websites of all shapes and sizes, it’s developing trust that matters most to Don. Almost two years ago, he took a leap of faith and moved with his team to 2A in order to continue working with the colleagues and clients he loves. It may sound high stakes to some, but to Don, who’s been stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean in the name of love, it’s not too far a stretch. For him, the chance to be part of a supportive team, one that would encourage growth and allow him to focus on helping others, was well worth the risk and it’s paid off in spades ever since.

The seasoned coder making space for what works

Like most tech guys you meet, Don loves checking out what’s new, but he understands the importance and value of preserving what works. He recently played an integral role in creating the Build Live website, which provides a new interactive experience for an established conference. Outside work, he’s focusing on making more time for woodworking, biking, and listening to his vinyl collection—all throwback passions of his that get his blood pumping and keep him young at heart. 

Our C# (and javascript) karaoke superstar

Ask Don a question and you’re likely to get the up-beat lyrics of an old classic as a prelude to the answer. Is it riddled advice in the form of well-chosen verse or stream of consciousness karaoke? Either way, you can bet on Don to show up and bring down the house.


Looking for someone to walk 1,000 miles for your next web project?  Or who will whip out the piña coladas when it rains? We know a guy.