Self-made Jesus of all trades

July 11, 2018 by

What’s a jack of all trades look like these days? Coined by Shakespeare’s critics who were jealous he was both an actor and playwright, the phrase conjures someone slamming a blacksmith hammer with one hand and slaying a rabbit with the other. That can’t still be true…unless we’re in Portland. If Jesus Terriquez Camarena is any indication, today’s jacks are a little hipster, resoundingly well liked, and known for their wellspring of quick wit and moxie.

Data guru by day

His medium is data, and like Shakespeare, he can make it sing. For Microsoft, Jesus dove into seas of go-to-market data to track patterns and harpoon campaign outcomes. His degree in economics and sociology from Washington State University trained him to look beyond the dashboard and understand how data points fit into the big picture.

Bartender by night

You can’t become a jack of all trades by slowing down! For a year now, Jesus has worked as a bartender in Ballard on the weekends. At first he took the job because he wanted to learn how to make cocktails, but stuck with it even after he mastered the menu. Nights as a barback maintain the frenzied pace Jesus needs to thrive.

Mechanic on the side

Growing up in Tijuana with his industrious mom as his role model, Jesus learned the value of keeping things running. Though he got in trouble for taking apart calculators (and putting them back together) he learned a lot in his self-taught mechanics 101, which eventually helped him pay off his student loans. In college he fixed brakes and calipers at a machine shop because, why not? These skills came in handy when he started a taco truck business with a friend after graduating.

Just when it doesn’t seem possible to cram any more skills into one person, Jesus masters another trade. There’s no doubt his know-how can help your business too.