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Sarah’s worldly, and right at home at 2A

March 7, 2018 by

Sarah knows what to do if you’re stranded in Yemen. While working at the State Department, Sarah managed crisis situations—from helping tourists who lost their passports while on vacation, to coordinating the evacuation of U.S. citizens after an earthquake. Now an expert at fielding the hectic, Sarah brings a classy calm to 2A, and zenfully takes on even the toughest consulting curveballs. But her smooth approach is just the beginning of what she brings to the table. 

She leads with diplomacy

At the State Department, Sarah learned how to be diplomatic from the best, and work with a range of personalities. Whether it was longtime foreign service officers or DC-based civil servants, Sarah was able to bring groups to consensus and initiate a path forward. 

At 2A, Sarah’s put her penchant for relationship-building to good use, fostering strong team dynamics both in our office and among clients. Sometimes she tells a self-deprecating joke for the greater good, or a funny story everyone can relate to. Her ability to navigate the conversation ultimately leads to better collective work. 

She aspires to the speed of twitter

Speed is important to Sarah. It’s why she chose 2A, and it’s why she can’t get enough Twitter. After a few years working for the government, Sarah noticed the drag of red tape and began to appreciate the agility of the private sector. Once she finished her MBA she sought a growing, nimble company like 2A. As a consultant, she likes being part of a team that readily takes action, and can get things done quickly.

As for Twitter, it’s Sarah’s 360 view of the world. Even though she left DC, she still keeps up with the latest political news, garnering updates from a range of voices worldwide.  

She knows how to pull the creative thread

During her first year at UW Foster, Sarah was the representative for student affairs, in charge of organizing events for her fellow classmates. It was a position that led to her unexpected love of event planning. Events like the Oscar-themed, year-end leadership dinner allowed Sarah to scratch her creative itch. And she’s been able to continue the trend at 2A. 

For the 2017 holiday season, Sarah orchestrated our fully themed, highly detailed, and unforgettable presents for clients: an Überleben Zünden fire-starter. Sarah worked with 2A designers, writers and animators to ensure the multiple components of the gift had a cohesive story, look and feel, crafted to bring out the inner ruggedness of our recipients. Bitte, Freunde.

International crises? Pressing pitch deck? There’s nothing Sarah can’t handle.