Local gifts for last-minute givers

December 23, 2014 by

If you’re like us, you may have left a few holiday shopping tasks to the last minute. Here’s a round-up of 2A’s favorite, locally-made gifts so you can delight your loved ones and support our local businesses while you’re at it. Now get shopping! Happy holidays from the team at 2A.

1. Knots Necklace in white lambskin from Rachel Ravitz

I’m a big fan of Rachel Ravitz—novel and easy to wear.

Rachel Ravitz Knots Necklace

 2. Wonder Treats for dogs

Don’t forget your furry friends.

 Wonder Treats

 3. Limoncello from Letterpress Distilling

Bring a delicious and unexpected hostess gift.

 Letterpress Distilling Limoncello

 4. Gift card to Trove

Noodles, Korean BBQ, parfaits (yes, parfaits).

 Trove Parfait

 5. Membership to the Bar Ferd’nand Bottle Society

Ok, the wine isn’t made locally, but the shop is local, and the selections are from mostly old-world, small production, family-owned estates.

 Bar Ferd'nand

 6. Massage from Adrienne

Everyone wants a good massage.


 7. Radiator belt buckle from Steel Toe Studios

Lightweight and makes a strong statement.

 Steel toe shoes radiator buckle

 8. Haversack Shoulder Bag from Alchemy Goods

Waterproof, made from used bike tires—what could be more Seattle?

 Alchemy Goods Haversack Bag

 9. Subscription to New Roots Organics weekly bin

Local fruits and veggies for those new year’s resolutions.

New Roots Organics

 10. Creamed Honey from Ballard Bee Company

Buttery-smooth with light floral flavors, pair this local treat with cheese or spread on whole wheat toast.

 Ballard Bee Company Creamed Honey

 11. Chipotle Chocolate Cherries from Chukar Cherry

Spice up someone’s holiday with a zesty twist on a Washington classic.

 Chipotle Chocolate Cherries

 12. Shigoku oysters from Taylor Shellfish

Have the taste of the northwest delivered to someone’s front door.

 Shigoku oysters